Canadian Pharmacy News: Treatment by Breathing

Proper breathing depends on the quantity of the taken air and the time, for which it is kept. The longer someone keeps the air in his lungs, the more powerful he is. On this depends also the success of his undertakings. Some adepts have come to the point to keep the air in their lungs for half an hour or even for one hour.

People, who have lost their balance, breathe very fast.

At faster breathing, the oxidation of blood is quicker, so part of it cannot be cleaned and that is why many people have more venous, unclean blood. At quicker oxidation of blood, the burning in the organism is improper, as a result of which some of the combustibles cannot burn away and accumulate in the form of sludge along the arteries and veins.

Man has seven million pores, through which he connects to the air, and in addition, the lungs, which are directly related to the air.

If one does not breathe properly, the skin of his face and hands prematurely get wrinkled. Wrinkling is due to a disorder of the liver and improper breathing.

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Concentration of the mind depends on breathing. The deeper one breathes, the easier he concentrates.

There are special breathing techniques for every person. One may reach to these techniques by his internal teacher and doctor. Listen to your internal doctor, i.e. to the Divine in you.

Now, by talking about deep breathing, I do not intend recommending specific exercises. Hindus have special breathing exercises, which are not applicable to Europeans. That is why I say to you: breathe deeply, aiming to breathe smoothly and rhythmically.

One thing should be known. Many of the Hindu rules and methods do not meet the ones of the living, reasonable Nature. For example, if in the West the science of breathing, which is applied by the Hindus, is applied, it will give negative results. Why? It is because these systems are acquired in the course of descent of humanity, i.e. after the law of evolution. And since the white race began its development after law of involution, i.e. in the way of ascending, these systems need to be modified.

Hindus work hard on deep and full breathing. At that lots of energy is collected, which Europeans do not know how to use. Finally, instead of good, they will bring something bad to themselves. Cheap mexican medications

The Scriptures say: “And God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.” Hence, he breathed in air through the nose and accepted the Divine life. Therefore, when one finds himself in difficulty, he must breathe. The air is a bearer of electricity and magnetism. This energy passes through the nose and renovates the nervous system. By breathing you can make the brain think properly and the stomach operate normally. Improper breathing is the cause of many diseases. Leg hurts, because you do not breathe properly. The same concerns the head and the heart, as well as the spine. The fast and shallow breathing is dangerous – leads to various diseases.

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