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Eating Disorders: Types & Recovery Methods

Eating disorders, or to be more specific disturbances of eating behavior, is a scourge of our time and serious concern both for doctors and psychologists. Strivings to educate young generation and offer helpful advice to parents we have investigated eating disorders types, symptoms and recovery methods.

Faces of Eating Disorders & Alarming Symptoms

Eating Disorders

This problem has so many forms, so in order to know and recognize the enemy’s face, let’s mention its basic types.

1. Anorexia Nervosa is the most widely spread eating disorder among young girls and women under 20. The alarming symptoms are the following:

• desire to lose weight when current weight is at minimal normal weight index
• refusal to eat normally
• constant fear of gaining weight
• amenorrhea or menstrual disorder

2. Bulimia Nervosa is another serious eating disorder. It is characterized by overeating followed by purging either as vomiting or using diuretic medicines.

• intense fear of getting weight
• unregulated food consumption
• disgust of personal weight and figure
• shame and denial of eating problem

3. Binge Eating Disorder, or BED, is about overeating within a short period of time and absence of control when taking meals.

• eating for the sake of eating even when he/she is not hungry
• lack of self-control
• physically overweight or obese as the result

4. Over-exercise also known as Anorexia Athletica. When it comes to food exercises moderation is a key to health. It mostly refers to professional sportsmen, however, is also widely spread among average people.

• exhaustion as the result of excessive exercises
• severe calorie restrictions and strict sticking to the schedule and calorie calculations
• absence of pleasure both from meals and exercises.

5. Night eating disorder or syndrome (NED):

• not sufficient breakfast and dinner.
• sleep disorder due to the feeling of hunger
There are also some cases of eating disorders in the present medicine that are not yet specified, however, doctors and psychologists are working on it.

Recovery Methods

The average treatment therapy for eating disorders is not fast and lasts from 6 moths to 1 year to achieve a good stable result. The steps usually include restoration of normal weight, healthy eating re-establishment and weight control. Together with eating and weight normalization psychological aid is also essential. Each and every case is unique so there is no universal remedy. However, there are several basic steps to start the recovery with:

1. The first step for recovery is recognition of the problem and desire to return to norm again.
2. Eat well and regular and listen to your body carefully.
3. Change the attitude towards your current look, body and figure. If family members of friends are not sufficient for this, consult a specialist or try group therapy.
4. Break old harmful habits and establish new ones. It refers both to meal traditions and lifestyle in general.
5. Self-soothing practices to avoid depression or anxiety.

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