Pharmacy Industry News: Hero Health Hire Summit Unites Leaders to Promote Employment of Wounded Warriors

Hero Health Hire Summit Unites Leaders to Promote Employment of Wounded Warriors

Each month, tens of thousands of “Wounded Warriors” — brave men and women in our military who have been injured or become ill during service — transition out of the military only to struggle in the civilian workforce. These men and women possess analytical, problem-solving and team work skills that, given the proper support, can translate into the desirable skills for the business world.

The health care industry — including insurers, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers and hospital networks — is considered the fastest growing industry in our economy, requiring talented individuals to help meet multi-generational health care needs. This industry is also uniquely positioned to understand and support the needs of our nation’s Wounded Warriors.

Magellan Health Services is hosting the Hero Health Hire initiative to serve as a catalyst for bringing together Wounded Warriors seeking meaningful, sustainable employment and health care organizations committed to hiring them and supporting their transition into the workforce. Building on the collective wisdom and commitment from health care organizations across the U.S., Hero Health Hire seeks to create a sustainable infrastructure in the nation’s businesses to be able to recruit, train, and retain Wounded Warriors in our work force. Organizations committing to the Hero Health Hire program are dedicated to recruiting Wounded Warriors, creating a support system to transition them into the workforce and help them reach their goals, and providing the resources they need to become successful.

The 2011 Hero Health Hire Employment Summit will unite health care industry, government and military community leaders to discuss the challenges facing Wounded Warriors, ways to the support them in their transition and the next steps that the health care industry can take to support this group of brave men and women.

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Pharmacy of the Future: Rexall Rolls Out Next-Generation Prototype

An afternoon trip to the pharmacy isn’t what it used to be. From prescribing medications to injections, the traditional notion of a Pharmacist is changing and moving our most-trusted health care provider* from the back of the counter to the forefront of the health care team. Rexall’s “pharmacy first” philosophy is taking the industry by storm with the national rollout of its next-generation, new pharmacy concept: the Rexall Healthy Living Store. The seventh prototype in Canada opened last weekend on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 2241 Louie Drive in Westbank, British Columbia.

“The scope of practice for Pharmacists is rapidly changing at the same time across the country and is shifting the pharmacy service model,” said Andy Giancamilli, CEO, Rexall. “Our next-generation Rexall healthy living prototype has a total wellness approach that’s rooted in the valuable role of the Pharmacist as a vital member of the health care team. We’re here when you are sick or managing a chronic condition with expanded patient-focused services, and we are also making a great investment in helping you prevent illness with tools meant to empower customers to lead healthier lives. This is the future of pharmacy.”

In Rexall’s Healthy Living stores, Rexall Pharmacists are creating special pharmacist/patient relationships by anchoring an expanded team and a host of new and unique tools and services that shift the entire store’s focus to helping customers better manage their health both through preventative strategies and treatment.

Meet The New Recruits: Healthy Living Advisors & Derm Consultants
Imagine if there was someone readily available to help navigate the increasingly overwhelming vitamin and supplements aisle. Or help filter through the massive amount of health information available, or even arrange the walking group customers always wanted to join, all free-of-charge? Enter the Healthy Living Advisor, Rexall’s newest team member. Helping customers prioritize and better understand the assortment of more than 15,000 products available to meet their health needs, the Healthy Living Advisor functions as the right hand and support to the pharmacy by allowing the Pharmacist to spend more time with patients on primary care and also making sure that there is a referral to the pharmacist when needed. Completely dedicated to helping a customer get the most out of the store’s services and products, Healthy Living Advisors bring expertise in fields such as nutrition, fitness and kinesiology, as well as extensive product and health training to Rexall Healthy Living stores.

Rounding out the expanded team is the Derm Consultant, whose expertise assists patients in navigating Rexall’s impressive skincare assortment; 156% more skincare products than a traditional pharmacy from niche cosmoceuticals and dermatological products to expanded everyday skincare lines. The skin is the body’s largest organ and Rexall’s focus on skin health is immediately apparent upon walking through the doors. The Derm Consultant helps determine customers’ skincare needs and makes recommendations about maintenance, treatment and regimens to optimize skin health. A Dermo Analyzer is available onsite to assess hydration and skin type, as well as the effects of the sun – diagnosis allows for a personalized skincare regimen to be developed and if more critical skin conditions are identified, the Derm Consultant works collaboratively with the Pharmacist to find the right solution or develop a plan of action.

Together, the Pharmacist, the Rexall Healthy Living Advisor, and Derm Consultant are an expanded pharmacy team fusing a unique combination of health services to help Canadians feel their best.

Testing 1, 2, 3
In response to what the Pharmacist sees and hears from patients, and combined with extensive research and analysis of the most pressing health issues in Canada, Rexall is focusing on the following areas of critical interest in its Healthy Living stores: digestion and food intolerances, high blood pressure, and smoking and lung health.

Enhanced in-store tests offered at Rexall include:
Food Smart Hemocode detects food intolerances and sensitivities – approximately 30% of Canadians suffer from food intolerance and many are not aware that certain food and additives are the cause of their symptoms;
BPro measures blood pressure directly at the base of the aorta and is analyzed by a cardiologist – high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, affects one in five Canadians, is the number one risk factor for stroke and a major risk factor for heart disease, as well as the leading cause of death among women in Canada;
Lung Age measures the strength of a patient’s breath against their age and can help to diagnose illnesses such as lung disease and emphysema – a recent study revealed that smokers who knew their lung age were twice as likely to quit smoking.

Our Patients’ Best Interests At Heart
All Rexall Healthy Living stores include a Healthy Living Terminal, an innovative tool running on Apple technology that assists customers obtain relevant and accurate health information on various health topics with just one touch. Located at the Healthy Living Advisor Station, the oversized touch screen is not found in any other pharmacy and provides easy sourcing of information on products, symptoms, illness, treatment, disease management, prevention and more. Moving forward, Rexall plans to introduce text-based prescription reminders; yet another example of paving the way with innovative technology with its patients’ best interests at heart.

Health information and messages cleverly engage customers and patients with more than 280 helpful reminders and tips located throughout the store, including those in the Healthy Living zone – boasting an extensive assortment of vitamins and nutritional products, supplements and sports nutrition, Rexall’s Healthy State Wall keeps relevant product and information together in key categories including diabetes, women’s essentials and seasonal health topics. There is also a resource centre large enough for group health seminars and community health groups.

An expanded pharmacy team and a clear commitment to what it means to be a partner in health care all function to take the mystery out of the pharmacy and motivate Canadians to live healthier lives with the help of Rexall’s new Healthy Living stores. “We are committed to building the world’s best pharmacy for our patients with the support of our dedicated team,” says Giancamilli. “Consumers can expect to see continued growth, state-of-the-art technology, services and offerings at all new and existing Rexall pharmacies as the company heads into the future.”

After 23 years at Upper Darby site, Shadeland Pharmacy is set to close doors

A week before the closing of the Shadeland Pharmacy, pharmacist Marc Alch was on the telephone calling hundreds of his customers so they would hear it from him firsthand.

“I didn’t want it to be a shock,” he said.

This personal service and the connections Alch and his employees made with their customers marked his 23 years at the neighborhood pharmacy at Shadeland Avenue and Garrett Road.

“Closing the store is the end of an era in this neighborhood,” said Alch’s wife, Sandy.

After more than two decades, Marc Alch explained why he decided to close his doors permanently Tuesday.

“I still wanted to go out while I was on top,” he said. “That was the best thing to do.”

Plus, he wanted to spend more time with his family and two grandchildren.

He’s not leaving the industry altogether. He’ll be a part-time presence at the Rite Aid on Lansdowne Avenue, across from the Bond Shopping Center.

Yet the Shadeland Pharmacy will retain fond memories for Alch.

“Wow!” he said they’d say. “This would be an awesome store.”

So, when it became available in 1988, he went for the 1,600-square-foot shop and opened his business on Sept. 14 of that year.

When he opened it, Alch had a specific goal in mind.

“What I always felt in my store was I was going to give everybody personalized service,” he said.

People would call him specifically to find out about different medications.

About 100 high school students over the years have held summer jobs at Shadeland.

And, Alch even tried to make it easier for the medicine to go down by including a Dum Dum lollipop in every prescription bag.

He said it started by giving parents something to give their kids for taking their medicine. And, to be fair, he even handed them to siblings.

Adults got the sweet in their bag, too, although they weren’t always as appreciative.

Over the years, he guessed he handed out about a million.

Last week, customers granted him well wishes.

“I just wanted to wish you luck,” Rita Froeder, a 44-year Drexel Hill resident, said to Alch.

“If I can do anything for you, let me know,” he said.

Froeder said Alch has assisted her with informing her about the side effects of her various medications.

“It’s terrific,” she said of Shadeland. “He’s very helpful with questions.”

Although the store focused solely on medicines when Alch opened, in the time since he’s been there, he’s added cards, gifts and groceries.

For some time, Sandy Alch laughed about the wild-haired doll, “We were troll headquarters.”

Marc Alch remembered times when his daughters, Lori and Shari, would visit him at the store.

Alch was also grateful for his seven full-time and one part-time employees and was thankful for the bond he’s had with his patrons.

“Sure, there was a lot of aggravation with the insurance companies but what business doesn’t have aggravation?” he said. “We’ve taken care of generations. We’ve loved it.”

To his customers, he had some parting words:

“Thank you for all the love and support throughout the past 23 years and thank you for making us the ‘Friendly Family Pharmacy.’”

Richard Mazzucchi – Positive Point: Wally supports excessive drug industry profits

As a relatively low-income American now living largely upon Social Security disability benefits since my pension has not yet kicked in I have become a very frugal shopper, always seeking the lowest prices for necessities. Like millions of Americans I have found great economies available by ordering my prescription medications from Canadian pharmacies. One of my medications is not available in the U.S. in a generic form with the particular dosage and extended relief formulations. While locally available to the rest of the world at a cost of $70 per month, U.S. pharmacies charge is excess of $370. Another of my less urgent medications runs $90 per month from U.S. sources versus less than $30/month through my Canadian pharmacy of choice.

Not surprisingly, U.S. pharmaceutical industry forces are at work to make it illegal, if not impossible, for Americans to import their medications. Consequently I took the time to ask our U.S. Congressional representative Wally Herger to help support my cause, believing that as a staunch Republican he would support my quest to keep the federal government from meddling in my medical affairs. I really thought this was one area that I could count on Wally’s help, but much to my chagrin, he continues to bat 0 when it comes to seeing things my way. Unfortunately it appears to me that he is more beholden to the U.S. pharmaceutical industry than he is to the financial realities of his
constituents, particularly those that suffer from illness and are dependent upon Medicare and Medical for their health. Optional insurance policies offered me no relief either.

Below I present the unedited content of his letter to me on this matter:

“Thank you for contacting me regarding the re-importation of prescription drugs from Canada and other countries. I appreciate your taking the time to contact me regarding this very important issue. Like you, I am very concerned about the high cost of prescription drugs. While innovative therapies and new “wonder drugs” save more lives every year, high drug costs certainly impose a heavy burden on American consumers, especially seniors.

I am concerned, however, that many of the proposals to allow the re-importation of prescription drugs would subject American consumers to unacceptable health risks. For this reason, I supported a provision in the 2003 Medicare prescription drug law allowing for the re-importation of pharmaceuticals from Canada only when the Food and Drug Administration has certified that these drugs can be imported safely.

Americans deserve to have the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that a medically necessary drug has not been tampered with or adulterated in some fashion. While Americans largely take for granted the safety of their medications today, this could change should our nation open its borders to foreign drugs.

Additionally, many have raised concerns that wholesale re-importation of prescription drugs from abroad would effectively impose foreign price controls on drugs here at home. Canada, along with many countries in Europe and throughout the world, has socialized medicine, allowing citizens to buy drugs at cheaper prices. This may sound appealing, but experience in these countries has demonstrated that with cheaper drugs comes rationed care and less access to medications, making care less effective and endangering lives.

There are serious concerns that price controls for prescription drugs, like the ones in Canada, stifle innovation and ultimately result in the development of fewer life-saving medications. It would be incredibly irresponsible of policymakers in Washington to advance proposals that might delay the development of the next cancer, AIDS, or Alzheimer’s breakthrough. And although expensive in the short term, new prescription drugs save money in the long run by keeping people healthy and out of the hospital.

While there is certainly the need for vast improvement in the prescription drug market, I do not believe that wholesale drug re-importation – without safeguards – is the answer. Please rest assured that as Congress considers ways to make prescription drugs more affordable, I will be sure to keep your views in mind.”

To low-income Americans, Wally Herger’s concerns about pharmaceutical innovation and safeguards are nothing but lame defenses for his support of excessive drug industry profits.

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